Frustrated with the impact of special interests and Federal mandates on the ICC Code Development Process, Rob wrote his book “The Peril of Log Building” in 2012.  The intent of this thesis is to provide a resource for all who have a passion for log homes to support log building now and in the future.

Using a design solution format, this is a thesis on the benefit of log building.  The problem statement is that the log home industry is in jeopardy of being legislated out of business.  The thesis reviews the vast heritage, durability and environmental benefit of this method of construction, offers views on the importance of maintaining it, a hypothesis to retain it as a viable option, and the parameters that must be addressed.

The solution?  The primary solution is to promote ICC400, our consensus industry standard for design and construction of log structures, as the “log building code”.  Referenced in the ICC building codes (IBC and IRC), it has yet to gain a firm place in the ICC International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Three years later, the extent of new legislation, code requirements and regulation are still mounting.  As new, “approved” materials and technologies challenge builders, solid wood walls continue to provide occupant comfort in all climate zones.

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This article is a great synopsis of the effort to utilize mass timber in building.

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Tall Wood aka Mass Timber

Information about a cousin to log building, mass wood panels and components from laminated timber.

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WOOD SURROUNDINGS ARE HEALTHY! HERE’S PROOF. For those that have long felt there were health benefits to living and working in spaces that contained wood products on the walls, floors, and/or ceilings, new research proves their point!  A June 2015 report titled Wood...

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