Building science is changing how buildings are constructed.  It is looking at energy efficiency, balancing ventilation as the thermal envelope is sealed, using durable and sustainable building materials and methods, selecting the appropriate equipment to power and condition the occupant space.  Looking at human thermal comfort can also change how homes are heated in cold climates as radiant technologies continue to evolve.

Life safety concerns are well established, but new technologies (methods and materials) continually challenge established standards/codes.  The latest is the news related to cross-laminated timber.  

Exploring Projects Around the Globe

For someone who has spent a career focusing on one- and two-family dwellings, I appreciate the creativity of those who promote timber design and construction on a larger scale. This blog will be updated as I come across more articles of such spectacular work as is...


This is an interesting article by Eric Werling, Building America Program Coordinator Builders today are under tremendous pressure. They have to build the tightest, most insulated buildings of all time that are structurally sound; free of defects, fire hazards,...

Avoiding Termites

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