Building Homes

This is an interesting article by Eric Werling, Building America Program Coordinator

Builders today are under tremendous pressure. They have to build the tightest, most insulated buildings of all time that are structurally sound; free of defects, fire hazards, mold, and moisture problems; AND are both cheaper and faster to construct than ever before. We can only accomplish all this if we gain more control of the building science and construction processes than ever before. It is the new reality of the construction business.

To succeed in the 21st century, construction businesses will need to engineer building designs and construction processes to tighter and tighter tolerances. While codes have certainly been a catalyst for tighter homes, the compelling benefits of reduced leakage are driving the trend toward homes significantly tighter than code.

I believe tighter building performance tolerances are becoming the new reality for the industry in part because of improving quality and measurement approaches.

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