“The review (of our standard details and typical plan set) was well presented, thorough, and is being scheduled for work. (We have) reviewed your notes and will he putting together an implementation plan. ” —Doug Parsons, President Appalachian Log Structures


image2075“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tips and recommendations during your audit of our design procedures, policies and systems. I am confident many of your ideas will speed up the process and smooth out the flow for our CAD designs and drawings.””Also, your assistance in reviewing our present and future CAD

“Also, your assistance in reviewing our present and future CAD needs was extremely valuable. ”

“Thank you again and I look forward to a continued relationship in the future.” — Ken Clark, President Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes


the system audit and review of our operations and technical management functions was very beneficial. At the end of the consulting trip, we were able to better focus our efforts on productive activities in these areas. I am already planning more projects with the intention of using Mr. Pickett’s expertise to direct our team. Having Mr. Pickett’s expertise available on an as needed basis is a very cost effective option for our company. ” —Rob Cantrell, President StoneMill Log Homes


“Rob Pickett’s expertise and leadership during the development of iCC-400 is instrumental in making sure all parties with an interest in using logs and solid wood timbers (builders, designers, government officials, and manufacturers) have a voice in the creating a practical standard which focuses on the safety and comfort of log and timber construction.” — Joe Folker, Principal, Timherhaven Log Homes, LLC