Photo Credit: Intermountain Construction – Old Faithful Inn

With so much press about the environment and climate change, it is worthwhile to take in the facts from solid research on the world’s forests. Thanks to a LinkedIn discussion, I came across a site I was unaware of: The site speaks for itself, offering various resources as well as the European Atlas of Forest Tree Species. With the expanding influence of European wood products on U.S. markets, this is a very interesting resource to learn more. To understand the spirit of this website, read the “About FOREST” tab. The charging statement of this page is worth repeating here: “Information on forests is essential for the implementation of EU environmental policies as forests play a key role in aspects related to the protection of European ecosystems, biodiversity, the sustainable use of natural resources, carbon sequestration, and climate change.”

This site complements the message of the Mass Timber Conference that was held last week in Portland, OR. A variety of interests gathered to promote a global coalition of forestry experts and timber industry interests. Organized by the Forest Business Network, the two-day event provided an excellent networking opportunity while promoting the benefits of timber construction and cross-laminated timber (CLT), a technology developed in Europe and expanding to North America. It also complements the work done by WoodWorks and the American Wood Council as published on

For those who make their living from the forests and the products of sustainable harvesting, the above is interesting reading but not news. A healthy forest is the goal of all who use it, and caring for the forest lands perpetuates our industry while contributing to the ecosystem. For those outside the industry, these sites provide excellent information on many levels. I hope you enjoy exploring them.